Class Overview


The SchoolAnalytix Class Overview Dashboard provides educators with a comprehensive snapshot of their classroom environment at a glance. This user-friendly tool goes beyond traditional grade books, offering a holistic view of student data, including:

  • Enrollment:
    • Total Students: Quickly see the total number of students enrolled in the class.
    • Student List: Access a list of all students with basic information like names and ID numbers. (Optional: Link to individual student profiles for detailed data)
  • Attendance:
    • Overall Attendance Rate: Monitor the average attendance rate for the entire class, allowing for quick identification of potential concerns.
    • Individual Attendance Data (Optional): View individual student attendance records with details on absences, tardies, and tardy minutes.
  • Behavior:
    • Discipline Incident Tracking: Analyze trends in classroom behavior by tracking the frequency and types of disciplinary incidents.
    • Merit Recognition (Optional): Track positive behavior recognition events to celebrate student achievements and foster a positive classroom environment.
  • Birthdays: View a list of upcoming student birthdays within the class, allowing for personalized acknowledgements and community building.
  • Other Relevant Data (Optional): Depending on your school’s data collection practices, the dashboard can integrate information such as:
    • Learning Style Preferences: Gain insights into preferred learning styles within the class to inform differentiated instruction strategies.
    • Special Needs & Accommodations: View a list of students with identified special needs and their corresponding accommodations for informed lesson planning.
    • Extracurricular Activities: Identify students involved in extracurricular activities to understand potential scheduling conflicts or workload considerations.


The dashboard can be used by Teachers, Principals,  and any other individual in education.

Key Features and Benefits:

By providing a centralized hub for key class data, the SchoolAnalytix Class Overview Dashboard empowers educators to:

  • Develop a Positive Classroom Culture: Monitor behavior trends, identify potential issues, and implement strategies to promote a positive learning environment.
  • Individualize Instruction: Tailor teaching approaches to cater to diverse learning styles and needs within the classroom.
  • Identify At-Risk Students: Proactive identification of students with attendance or behavior concerns allows for early intervention and support.
  • Build Classroom Community: Celebrate student birthdays and achievements, fostering a sense of belonging and positive relationships.

Improved Efficiency and Student Success:

The Class Overview Dashboard streamlines data access and analysis, allowing educators to focus more time on engaging students and creating a supportive learning environment. With a holistic understanding of their classroom dynamics, educators can make data-driven decisions that promote student success and well-being.

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