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You focus on student outcomes. Let us deal with data and technology.


Student Dashboards

Improve Student Outcomes

Student Dashboards that allow teachers and school administrators to focus on what is really important. Your student. Teachers can use these dashboards and reports to analyze their class performance, get a birds eye view of a student’s performance, understand trends, and even use student spotlight dashboards in parent-teacher conferences.

Class Overview

Class Enrollment, Attendance, Behavior with drill down to student lists. See Birthdays, Gradebook Summary, and more. Filters to focus on.

Student Spotlight

Student Demographics, Parent Contact, Programs, Attendance, Behavior, and Assessment on one page.


Assessment Dashboard, Assessment Comparisons, Achievement Maps. With filters and drill through to Student Spotlight.


Class Enrollment, Number of Students Present, Absence Trends and more. A teachers overview of her class.


We also do customization as per demands and requirements of our clients.

School Dashboards

Simplify Reporting & Compliance

One glance way to tell how your school is doing. Reports that update multiple times a day, automatically. You focus on running the school, not on become data wrestlers.

You do you. Let us do the tech.

Student Performance

View aggregated assessment performance by school & grade, and by student demographics and special populations.

Special Programs

Allows to access and view various special programs available in the school with student specific details.


Enrollment & Attendance by school & grade, student demographics. Reports that update multiple times a day, automatically.

campus & district compass

Campus and district details by school & grade, student demographics. Reports that update multiple times a day, automatically.

Teacher Performance

Access, view and review teacher’s performance for improvement and innovation.

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