Campus And District Compass


The SchoolAnalytix Campus & District Compass Dashboard provides a powerful, centralized hub for critical information related to student populations, staffing, and overall school or district health. This comprehensive tool empowers administrators and leaders to make informed decisions at the campus and district levels, fostering success for all students and staff.

Data Points:

  • Student Capacity & Enrollment:
    • Enrollment Trends: Analyze enrollment trends over time to forecast future needs and resource allocation.
    • Classroom Capacity: Monitor student-to-teacher ratios across campuses to ensure effective use of resources and appropriate class sizes.
  • Attendance Tracking:
    • Overall Attendance Rates: Track attendance rates for individual campuses, grade levels, or the entire district.
    • Absence Trends: Identify trends in student absences across campuses or demographics, allowing for targeted support and outreach programs.
    • Reason for Absence: Analyze data on reasons for absence (e.g., illness, tardiness, excused absences) to understand underlying factors impacting student well-being and learning.
  • Behavior:
    • Discipline Incident Tracking: Monitor and compare discipline trends across campuses or grade levels to identify potential areas of concern and implement effective prevention strategies.
    • Positive Behavior Recognition (Optional): Track positive behavior recognition events across campuses to celebrate student achievements and promote positive school culture.
  • Demographic Details:
    • Student Demographics: Analyze student demographics by race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, and other relevant factors to identify potential equity issues and tailor resources accordingly.
  • Staffing:
    • Teacher Presence/Absence: Monitor teacher attendance patterns across campuses to ensure adequate staffing and identify potential substitute needs.


The dashboard can be used by Principals,  and administrators.

Key Features and Benefits:

The Campus & District Compass Dashboard equips administrators with the data needed to:

  • Strategic Resource Allocation: Allocate resources (staff, technology, etc.) strategically based on student population trends, enrollment data, and classroom capacity needs.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Make informed decisions about staffing, scheduling, and budget allocation based on real-time data across campuses and the district.
  • Equity & Inclusion Initiatives: Identify potential equity gaps in student enrollment, attendance, or discipline data and develop targeted interventions to ensure all students have equal opportunities to succeed.
  • Improved Communication & Collaboration: Share data insights with stakeholders at the campus and district levels to foster collaboration and address challenges.

Navigating Towards a Thriving Learning Environment:

By providing a comprehensive view of student populations, staffing, and overall school or district health, the SchoolAnalytix Campus & District Compass Dashboard serves as a valuable compass for educational leaders. With data-driven insights at their fingertips, administrators can chart a clear course towards creating a thriving learning environment that fosters success for all students and staff.

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