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You focus on student outcomes. Let us deal with data and technology.


Data & Application Support


We review your applications and data and help improve the data. We use already built integrations or build new integrations to the applications and systems you use.

Database & Data warehouse


We build a custom database and data warehouse for you and your student data on your infrastructure, or we can host it for you on AWS, Google or Azure.

automated Reports & Dashboard


Since we start from the bottom of your tech stack we can build an automated system where your reports and dashboards are updated automatically, 8 times a day, or even more frequently.


We work collaboratively with schools to discuss and build what they need; leveraging our process and our experience to get to value quickly.

Discover Stage

We get to know you and your staff and systems and applications. We start to build out your infrastructure while building out initial reports

Build Stage

We believe in customer feedback, so we start building right away: reports and dashboards that staff and teachers can use. This is an effective and proven way to reduce wasted effort.

After ~1.5 years (straddling two academic school years), the bones of what you need are in place. We continue to maintain and tweak according to your needs.

Maintain Stage

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