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Improving Student Outcomes: Data Analytics to Help educators


Florence Lowe , Founder & CEO SchoolAnalytix 

Conor Rogers, Data Fellow At Trinity Basin Preparatory

December 14, 2023

Time: 8:30 – 10:00 A.M

Venue: The IQ Brew,HQ

Speaker 1 (00:00)

The Richardson Innovation Quarter, also known simply as the Richardson IQ, or the IQ, is a living laboratory for big ideas and ground-breaking technology. It’s an amenity-rich environment where entrepreneurs take risks and are supported by the Richardson community, where startups and scaleups can collaborate and thrive, and where nearby college graduates come to live, work, and invent. It’s a place where special things happen. Held on the second Thursday of each month at the Richardson IQHQ, The IQ Brew is a free public networking and educational series featuring short presentations from entrepreneurs, small business owners, and subject matter experts.

Miguel Esparza (00:43)

Thank you for being at this month’s IQ Brew. Without further ado, we have a very special presentation to you. First, thank you for being at the IQ Brew. It’s been a great year of multiple presentations, and we have more stuff planned for you guys in the new year. So happy holidays, everybody, before we disperse. I want to kick us off with special remarks by Insperity, who is this morning’s breakfast sponsor. So if you guys could come on up and say some remarks about what your services are and how you help the community, we greatly appreciate you.

Pat Osigian (01:14)

Thank you very much. Morning, everybody. Pat Osigian. This is my colleague, Stacy Baker. I’ve only been to the IQ Brew a few times. If you’re here fairly regularly, you’ve seen Stacey a whole lot more than you’ve seen me, and that will hold true all throughout 2024. We’re delighted to sponsor breakfast this morning. Insperity is a people strategy company. We work with small and mid-sized businesses. Our goal is to partner with them, customize a solution, help them run better, grow faster, and be more productive. Our target client base, basically, are companies who want to take care of their people. They’ve got a growth strategy. They’ve got an intent to grow, and they want to continue to get better. A “Not satisfied with the status quo”, is really the clients that we’re looking for. So again, Pat Osigian with Insperity. Stacey Baker is a business performance advisor, and she’ll be your contact going forward. Nice to meet you guys. Have a good morning.

Miguel Esparza (02:17)

Yeah, without further ado, we’re going to talk about improving student outcomes, data analytics to help educators with the IQHQ’s very own, Florence Lowe, who we love having her on a daily basis and her team having them here at the Innovation Quarter headquarters. I’m very glad that Steve G brought you guys to us. Her and her colleague, Conor Rogers. Guys, floor is all yours.

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